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The Best Dog Toys

Some of the best dog toys are food dispensing toys.   Does your dog eat too fast?  Food toys are the perfect answer.  Had a busy day?  Did your dog sleep all day, waiting for you to come home and play with him?  Put his dinner or some treats in the food toy, and let your dog entertain himself.  The food toys listed below will allow you to feed your dog's meals in the toy.  The dog must play with the dog to get his meal.  Some food toys will promote chewing on appropriate toys.

 The Kibble Nibble by Premier Pet Products

This egg shaped toy will hold your dog's breakfast or dinner.  This toy is not for chewing.  The large Kibble Nibble will hold two to two and a half cups of your dog's dry food.

     * Comes apart:  Allows easy filling with dog food or treats, as well as easy cleaning.
     *  Dishwasher safe!
     *  Rubber bumbers (the purple part) keeps it quiet when your dog is playing with this toy.
     *  Two sizes, large and small.

Click here to order the large kibble nibble.

Click here to order the small Kibble Nibble.

The Dog Pyramid by Nina Ottosson

One of Nina Ottosson's best inventions.  The dog pyramid is weighted on the bottom, and the food dispensing hole is at the top, making this food toy one of the most difficult ones for the dog.  It might not be the best toy for the first time food dispensing toy user.  One of my favorites.  This is not a chewable toy.   This toy is available in one size only.

     *  One piece - Nothing to lose!
     *  Dishwasher safe, but you might have to empty food and water by hand.
     *  Difficult - Your dog will not finish in minutes.  He will have to work hard to get his food from here.

Click here to order the Dog Pyramid.

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